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About Us

The Rhythm Section


Steve Carter (Retired) - Timbales

Steve Carter is a founder member of the band and our resident expert hitter of things in complex and mesmerising rhythms. Steve is the leader of the Percussion Section.

Steve plays the Timbales and cowbells with expert precision while dancing, shouting, singing and generally enjoying himself!

Phil 2.jpg

Phil Moores - Electric Bass

Phil proves that the best things come in small packages. Annoyingly photogenic, incredibly healthy and he plays the Bass with practice and ease.

Phil plays the Bass and is the rock of the band, while always smelling faintly of fresh soap...


Dr Salsa - Congas

Dr Salsa ( has been teaching and Djing Salsa for over 18 years, all over the UK, Europe and the US. When Gareth Roberts left,  Dr Salsa took up the challenge of learning the congas from scratch. 

He loves every minute of it and likes to bash those things, until his hands bleed! Dr Salsa continues to learn from the best, which seems to involve a lot of shouting and being told the congas are "the Balls of the band, Man!"

Julie Naylor - Piano


Julie is one the newest members of the band, replacing Barry Cooper on the Piano. Julie has quickly become one of the most loved members of the band by bringing a steady supply of cake to rehearsals! 

Julie can frequently be found at salsa venues in the North and further afield when the opportunity arises. 

Julie has been playing piano for several years in various bands, the theatre and also teaches piano. She has fallen in love with the groove and feel of salsa music.


The Brass Section


Adam Parnell - Band Leader Saxophone and Flute

Adam is our revered Band Leader and a founder member who puts together the dots, puts up with us all and generally suffers in silence. 

Adam is well known for his musical intellect and passion for board games. And the more than occasional bad taste joke. 

Adam also teaches Tango and is soon to be a new Dad in September 


vicki beere - Trombone

New addition to the band


The Divas


Vicki Sammons - Lead Singer

Vicki replaces the irreplacable Lesley Sharp.

Vicki is the wild, exuberant lead singer of the band and married to Dr Salsa, but then no one is perfect...

Vicki began her salsa life in 2005, learning to dance in Australia.  She has taught all over the UK, as well as performing with her ladies dance troupe, Encantada.  For the last 8 years, she has been a key member of the team behind the Los Angeles Salsa Congress, and has been fortunate to meet and learn from many of the modern-day legends of the salsa world – both dancers and musicians.  

In the UK, she is part of the Scottish Salsa Congress team and runs her own Ladies Styling Workshops in the Yorkshire area.



Julito tumalan

Julio is a  born singer originating from Acapulco, Mexico. In 1998 he formed a local 7 piece Latin band 'Tumbao' with his brother, Grammy Award winner, pianist Christian Tumalan.

This led them to perform to different crowds and music styles around the country, including Festival Latino in Eugene, Oregon,

He arrived in the UK in 2003,  settling  in Leeds by 2004. He was recruited as a sonero by his former band,  'Orquesta Leodis' where he made his UK debut in 2014.

He joined Mambo Con Rumbo 2015 when he first appeared as a guest singer; known better by the salsa scene as 'El Cantante' and sings alongside Vicki Sammons